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Your new house is pretty awesome, otherwise you would never have considered buying it. But, there are some things about it that are a lot more awesome than others. Take, for example, that kitchen floor. You wouldn’t say it’s ugly, but you’ve seen better design harmony in a restaurant trash bin.

It’s gotta go.

Your bedroom carpet is pretty hairy, too, but your agent assured you that these things are fairly easy to deal with, especially if you have the flooring replaced before you start moving in. And it’s true, replacing flooring is easy. Choosing the new flooring, well, that’s tough.

Your Flooring Options: A Journey Underfoot

Whether you’ve owned your house for a day, a year or a decade, picking the flooring you’re going to have to live with

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Cruising the aisles of your favorite home improvement store, you spot it. Its tall, curvy profile is unmistakable, the glamorous shine of its polished chrome beckons you. The enormous touchscreen asks you if you’d like to order groceries — wait a second…

If you’ve been paying any attention at all, you know that smart home devices are popping up everywhere. From smart refrigerators like the Samsung Family Hub line to connected electric toothbrushes, you can get just about anything you want in a version that’ll report back to your smartphone or network. Heck, there’s even a connected water bottle!

Smart Home Devices and the Internet of Things

All those items that live in your house and report back to your smartphone or your hub or maybe even work

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Depending on where you live, the end of winter means different things. Maybe it’s the anticipation of an explosion of colorful wildflowers, or maybe it’s just a break from all the heavy, wet snow on absolutely everything. Either way, those warming days when winter starts to turn to spring are ideal for checking your roof for damage from the past season’s storms.

You don’t have to be a roofer to do a simple roof inspection on your own home. There are a few common symptoms of a sick roof that can tip you off that you need to get a set of professional eyes on the job.

Safety First: Looking Up or Climbing Up?

Before we go any further, it’s important to stress the safety considerations involved in roof inspections. Walking around on a roof is

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As a functioning adult, you know there’s something about debt that you’re supposed to understand at this point in your life, right? Something about not having too much, or maybe not too much in relation to something else… but frankly, this stuff is kind of confusing and some days you’d just rather take your Visa, buy a pizza, have a massage and then take a nap.

Today, though, you’re on a quest. You’ve decided it’s time to stop renting and become a homeowner. You came here to get some really good information on how to do just that… so, let’s put the credit card away and talk about your debt to income ratio and why it matters to your future mortgage.

What is My Debt to Income Ratio?

If you’re not familiar with the term, don’t be shy, it’s one of

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Everywhere you look, new smart home technology seems to be popping up. Security cameras that can tell friend from foe and UPS delivery man from the neighbor’s dog, door locks that only need a smartphone to unlock them and thermostats that can adjust themselves to keep you comfortable all day and night are just a few of the most popular offerings in this segment, but there’s another piece of tech that’s gaining in popularity: the video doorbell.

But what good is a video doorbell when you can peek out through the front blinds, really?

Video Doorbells Are More Than Just a Ding Dong

Forget everything you know about doorbells and prepare to be amazed. Well, at least, prepare to be informed and maybe you can remember a few things you knew about

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From the moment you started thinking about buying a house, you knew you’d need to start saving. Even though you have a 401(k) that you can use for your down payment, you still have to cover your closing costs and have a little extra put back in case something goes sideways on you right away. Unexpected home repairs are terrifying when there’s nothing in the bank and no home equity to draw from yet.

But it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. It’s actually easier than ever to save up for a closing day that’s a bit down the road.

Saving Doesn’t Have to Mean Sacrifice

A lot of people will tell you that the only way to save money is to deprive yourself of basically everything that’s fun. They say this about weight loss, too, and the numbers don’t

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You probably saw some really gorgeous paint palettes when you were out looking at homes, but I’m also betting there were a fair amount that were equally and painfully cringeworthy. You might have even said to yourself (or your agent) “who would think to mix these two colors?” or even “how is this paint color legal?” Sometimes they’re just that bad.

The sad truth, unfortunately, is that it’s really easy to fall into the cringeworthy category when it comes to picking out paint colors. Since you don’t know what the color will look like in your home until the project is totally done and the paint is dry, it’s all a bit of a guessing game.

Hiring a professional painter is one option, but even then it helps to have some basic understanding of how colors

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Another month, another rent payment that’s helping your landlord pay off the house or apartment where you’re living. Another month, another rent day spent pondering just how much equity you could have paid down on your own house by now. So, why not you? Why not now? Sure, buying a house can be complicated and intimidating, but your mortgage professional and Realtor will be there every step to help.

Wait, let’s take a step back. Before you even call them, it’s important to fill in some informational blanks. For example, do you know what a FICO score is or how it affects your ability to get a mortgage? A lot of first time homebuyers will need to do some work on their credit accounts, so it’s a good idea to start looking into this stuff six months to a

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You’re a homeowner now, you can kiss bland uniformity goodbye the moment you turn your apartment keys over to your now former landlord. The world is your canvas — at least, that part of the world that you now are obligated to pay a monthly mortgage payment on — and you’re the artist that’ll mold it into a shape that tantalizes and delights the senses.

You may have big dreams for that new home, but cool your jets. This is a time for careful consideration, not for hastily scribbled modern design notes on cocktail napkins. Although there are certainly changes you can make that will update or upgrade your new home, there are others that can potentially devastate its value. This is no small thing.

If you thought that ugly entryway light fixture was a

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Let's say you just closed on your very first home, a cornflower blue and white bungalow with a big front porch on a tidy cul de sac. You are ecstatic as you thank your Realtor for all his help, he opens the lockbox from your home for the very last time and gives you the key. Your key to your own house.

After work, you load up your car with some small items to take over to your new place. Your mind is racing. Are you really ready to be a homeowner? Your parents always seemed to know how to fix things and who to call if there was a problem they couldn’t handle — everything just seemed like it came to them naturally. How did they know all this stuff? How were you going to learn it all at once?

A House is a Complicated Organism, There’s Lots to Know

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