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There are various factors that affect a home buying decision that it can make you dizzy, especially if you are in a competitive and fast-paced market where time is of the essence. The desire to buy a home may cause you to overlook factors that could take away your enjoyment of the home and make you regret down the road. That’s why when you are weighing your options. Quality of life should always be the number one priority.

Location, Location, Location
Buyers often focus on their "requirements” that can be added through renovation but will not pay attention to factors that are impossible to change. For instance, if you work and spend much of your free time in the heart of a busy city, a home in the suburbs may mean more space for the same price but it

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Kitchen is one of the most used areas in a home. All the food spills, water, oil and heat add up quickly so it’s crucial to emphasize on quality and lasting appeal in the process of choosing materials for a kitchen make over. Here are a few things you should avoid:

Cheap Countertops: The bottom rung of laminate is more likely to wear and tear. It can melt if you forget to place a hot pad under a pan that’s fresh out of the oven and the edges can chip off from repeated exposure to moisture and heat.

Cheap Flooring: Just like countertops, your kitchen floor needs to be strong enough to take some abuse. Cheap flooring easily scuffs and peels (especially from moisture). Quality flooring is worth the investment.

Flat Paint: A flat or matte finish is

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With low inventory in the DC Metropolitan area market, many homeowners are not to excited to sell their homes because they are concerned that they may not be able to find a new one. This can be tricky at time but if you are seeking to sell-whether to upgrade or to downsize -there are a few ways to get around the low inventory issue.

Look to buy first -  In most cases, it is a common mistake to put your home up for sale before you start looking for your new property. First, identify the geographic area where you are interested in buying. Even if you don't see anything on Zillow, it doesn't mean you can't or won't find the right home.

Think outside the box -  Be proactive! Keep in mind that there are most likely many people like you who want to make a

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There’s nothing more important than working on your credit score when you decide to apply for a mortgage. Improving your credit score will save you a ton of money. When we say a ton, we are talking about thousands of dollars over the term of the loan. Here are the most important three actions you can take that will have a positive impact on your credit score

Reduce your credit card balances
Credit utilization is one of the most important factors affecting your credit score. Your credit utilization should be or less than 25 percent of your credit limit and it’s even better if you can get it below 15 percent. This rule applies to both individual cards and your overall credit limit.

You may even want to use some of the cash funds you were planning to

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Sellers may think that sale price in the immediate vicinity is the one and only factor when looking at other comparable properties trying to determine a price tag for their own homes. However, it’s actually a lot more complicated than just looking at the sale price or checking out pricing estimates on various popular real estate websites. Here are five things that impact comparable properties that all sellers should be aware of.

 1. Location: Being close proximity to amenities and schools while having more or less safety and/or higher, lower noise levels can make a great impact on sale price of homes that are even within the same neighborhood. As the law of demand & supply goes, homes in more attractive parts of the neighborhood will most likely sell

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There is much more to real estate world than just owning a home. We are seeing countless success stories of people who have steady extra income or made a fortune investing in real estate. Here’s an overview that will make you start thinking about an investment property.

Flipping a home is one of the best ways to make money off a real estate investment. However, it comes with various risks. If you want to play it safe, you can buy a fixer upper and carefully manage costs and expenses as you go with your renovations. You are eventually going to get a great return on your investment.

Instead of selling your investment property, you can hold and rent it out to make a steady monthly income if the rent exceeds your costs. Renting to a

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Most of us have watched at least one HGTV show where an old and eerie house gets transformed into a fantastic dream home. Either making it the home of your dreams or having a good return on investment, finding an outdated home and taking on a big renovation project can really pay off big time. You should consider these factors for your resale value while you are making your own fixer-upper plans.

Is the home priced right?
Your buying price point is the most important element of your project as it will determine how much you can invest in a home beyond the sale price and keep your budget and expenses in line with the median net sales price of homes in the neighborhood. You never want to take on a project where a home is way more expensive than other sold

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Whether you are a first-time buyer or a person who has been through the process before, buying a home can be a very stressful experience, Therefore, working with an experienced real estate professional is definitely worthwhile. With the guidance of your agent, buying a home should be a pleasant experience rather than a stressful one. Here are some of the more unique circumstances where your agent can make your life much easier.

Inspection issues: You are so excited and can't wait for your move-in day. Then some major issues are found during inspection. An expert agent can turn a negative into a positive by negotiating a lower offer with either requesting the seller to cover costs of repairs or getting them to fix the problem.

When life is just too

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Owning your own home is a big commitment and it can sometimes be a lot of work. Luckily, owning a home comes with some great tax advantages and having a place of your own is the cream of the crop.

  1.  Loan Origination - Mortgage Points Charges: These charges are considered as interest on your mortgage, making them deductible. Refer to your CPA/tax advisor's instructions since the potential deduction is treated differently whether it is for a refinance or a purchase.


  2. Home Improvement - Equity Loan Interest: The interest on home improvement - equity loans is deductible the same way a home purchase mortgage interest. Consult your CPA/tax advisor as some items such as paint and carpet may not qualify.

  3. Mortgage Interest Deduction:

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Are you thinking about buying your first home, or maybe upgrading from your current place? Thanks to the current economy and significantly improved technology in the real estate market, now is the perfect time to take action.

Historically Low Interest Rates: Mortgage brokers are giving buyers very attractive mortgage rates - you can get an interest rate of 4% or below. The chances are that these are the lowest mortgage rates we’ll ever see in a long time, which also points to high affordability rates.

Strong Job Market: The United States added more than 2.5 million jobs in the last year. Increased job security and availability for work leads to high consumer confidence in spending.

Increasing Prices: Interest rates may stay low for a while.

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