Metro DC Area School Information

Metro DC area schools consist of multiple districts including Arlington County, Fairfax County, Loudoun County, Alexandria City, Falls Church City, Fairfax City, Montgomery County, Prince William County, Prince George's County, Manassas Park City and Washington DC. These districts are hosting 600,000 students every year in over 1,000 schools. The average student to teacher ratio is 14:1.

Alexandria City Public School System

 With more than 15 schools and 13,000 students, Alexandria City is one of the highest demand school districts. Alexandria City Public Schools' website offer more information to residents and prospective students.

Arlington County Public School System

With more than 35 schools and 23,000 students, Arlington County School District is one of the top desired school districts in Washington Metro DC area. For Arlington County school boundaries and any other information, visit Arlington Public Schools' website.

District of Columbia Public School System

More than 125 DC public schools serve around 150,000 students every year. For more information regarding the school system, visit District of Columbia Public Schools' website.

Fairfax County Public School System

Serving more than 175,000 students in over 200 schools, Fairfax County Public School system has been ranked as one of the best n the nation. For more information regarding Fairfax County School District and its boundaries, go to Fairfax County Public Schools' website.

Falls Church City Public School System

Falls Church City has a few schools serving more than a couple thousand students. More information about schools and their programs can be found on Falls Church City Public Schools' website.  

Loudoun County Public School System

The Loudoun County School District has more than 80 schools. Having an affluent demographics combined with a suburban setting, Loudoun County and its school district is one of the most desirable school districts in the DC Metropolitan area. For more information about Loudoun County Public Schools and boundaries, visit Loudoun County Public Schools website.  

Montgomery County Public School System

Having more than 200 schools serving around 150,000 students, Montgomery County School District is one of the most popular school districts in the DC Metropolitan area. Visit  Montgomery County Public Schools' website for more information about county schools and their boundaries.

Prince George's County Public School System

Over 200 schools and 125,000 students, Prince George's County school district is one of the largest counties presenting numerous options. Go to Prince George's County Public Schools' website to obtain more information about the system. 

Prince William County Public School System

As one of the high demand areas, more than 80 Prince William public schools serve around 80,000 students. Visit Prince William County Public Schools website for more information about schools and boundaries.

DC Metropolitan Area Schools







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